100 years from now

Sometimes, to get a bit of perspective, I think about what life will be like way into the future.

I was mulling over what 100 years from now might look like for us and felt hopeful for the journey I think we will collectively go on.

In 100 years I don’t think we’ll be rushing around as much, I think 35+ hour weeks will be seen as barbaric, and we’ll be spending much more time going slow and working on a range of interests and projects.

We’ll all have a basic income, which will mean everyones basic needs will be met without us having to worry every month about paying for things. This in turn will soothe our nervous systems and we’ll feel calmer and more at peace, feeling safe and secure and held by the system.

It will be commonplace for people to spend time meditating and working through their grief, trauma, worries and uncertainty. It won’t be seen as a negative, or like there is something wrong with us if we choose to explore those places inside of ourselves.

We will also have come back to a greater sense of community, knowing that only by asking for help, and being there for others do we feel that sense of belonging, acceptance and purpose we all need.

I am aware the above might sound pie in the sky, but I’m a firm believer of ‘if you can visualise it, it’s possible’ and I think there are so many services, systems, and projects already in existence that are pointing us in this direction already.

I think the future is bright, I believe in the spirit, resourcefulness and creativity of humans and trust that we will arrive somewhere that serves us in the most transformative way.

In hope and trust, Hannah and Team Bird

Photo by Jochem Raat on Unsplash

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