Feeling Stronger by Being Courageous

Priorisiting wellbeing is effective in two ways: it helps us to create a calm, confident and empowered default state for ourselves, and, it helps us to fill our toolbox with effective strategies for challenging future times.

Recently I experienced a period of uncertainty and found it really challenging to be with, to the point where I’d rather have stuck my head under the duvet all day rather than face the feelings. But after a while, I remembered myself, and all that I’ve learned about resilience.

These times of challenge and uncertainty offer us the opportunity to gain strength. And in order to grow and become stronger, we must tap into our courage to face what’s going on.

My go-to when feeling uncertain is normally a glass of Malbec and a binge on Netflix. But when I felt uncertainty recently I decided to take a different approach. I decided to practice what I preach, and firstly articulate what it was I felt uncertain about. I wrote down all the catastrophe stories I was believing in response to the uncertainty.

I then decided to meditate and be with the emotions that were coming up. I located where I felt discomfort in my body and allowed myself to be with that. I then reminded myself that I am not the only one in the world who feels uncertain, others feel it too, this idea is the common humanity piece that Kristin Neff so eloquently discusses.

Thirdly, I reminded myself of the beautiful idea that ‘the universe is rigged in my favour’ (as indeed it is for all of us) and if the uncertainty I was feeling led to challenging outcomes, I would, in fact, be ok with that and it may, in the end, offer up something deeper that I need to learn.

Finally, I made up a new story. Rather than accepting the catastrophes, I made up new positive stories that were just as likely as the negative ones.

It was hard, and it took courage to really go there with everything that was coming up, but wow do I feel stronger as a result.

The uncertainty in this particular case is still there, hence why I’m not fully sharing all the details, it’s still a situation that’s present. But my reaction to it has shifted, and I feel confident that everything will be ok no matter what the outcome.

This kind of emotional awareness is crucial if we are to really show up and be strong and resilient in our lives. It just takes practice and courage to make it happen.

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With love, Hannah

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

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