Choose life

I don’t even know if I’ve written about ‘choice’ before. But I know that right now it has more resonance with me that ever before. I have realised that I get to chose every moment of my life, right down to whether to get up off the sofa, look at my emails, or go and eat some lunch, whether to smile at someone on the street or walk straight past, whether to carry on being habitual, or change everything.

It’s so bloody liberating to think that I chose Every. Single. Thing. I can choose whether to work, if I don’t then I’d have no income and probably lose where I live and not have enough money for food etc, BUT I recognise that I’m choosing for that not to happen.

I feel like I can breath easier from this place of choice.

You don’t just have to be part of the system, you can step outside of it, view it for what it is, and pick the parts you want in your life.

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