24 hours later

Over the past year I have felt many things. I had a difficult personal period up until about February this year, and then, as things were feeling better and more positive, the pandemic hit and like everyone, I was sent into emotional disarray.

I have learnt lots of things about myself and my own levels of resilience since July 2019. I have learnt I can feel feelings and come out the other side of them stronger and more able to take risks. I have learnt that resilience involves reaching out to trusted friends and family, I have learnt that when you share your struggles people really do want to help.

One of the key strategies I have implemented over the past year, which I find to be particularly useful right now as we navigate the rollercoaster of Covid-19, is the ’24 hours later’ strategy. Whenever I feel like I’m struggling I remind myself that in 24 hours I will feel differently. It might only be a subtle difference, but it will be different. This has helped me to remain hopeful when feeling heavy, lethargic and unsure. It has reminded me that every time I’ve ever felt in struggle in the past I have come through the other side.

Essentially it’s remembering that beautiful saying ‘this too shall pass’. Everything does change, we will always feel different in the future.

I hope as you are navigating this very strange time that this idea can be of use. If you are in struggle or feeling uncertain remember that in a day, a week, a month things will be different, you will feel better, lighter and more energised.

With love as always, Hannah and Team Bird

Photo by pixpoetry on Unsplash

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