3 Anti – Stress Practices you can Action Through the Day

It might seem that ignoring self sabotaging thoughts, building resilience and developing self compassion are things that must be done when we have an opportunity to step outside of life, when meditating or when on holiday for example.

But there are simple and effective processes that can be implemented throughout the day whilst we’re living our busy lives to feed a positive and supportive self perception.

Here are three such processes:

Self Acknowledgment

Acknowledging yourself can feel really weird, and uncomfortable because it’s not something we’re taught to do. But it’s a really effective and simple way to boost the way you feel about yourself. An acknowledgment is a simple sentence beginning with ‘I am’ and ending with a positive. For example ‘I am compassionate’ ‘I am brave’ ‘I am wise’. You can acknowledge yourself at any point throughout the day in your mind, or even better share an acknowledgment or two with someone you trust – it’s even more powerful when it’s heard by someone else.


When I used to cycle regularly I’d often spend the time thinking of things I was grateful for as I was cycling along, it seemed like a really great place to remember the things I appreciated. Now I list things as I’m cleaning my house, or even just walking along, and particularly if I find I’m in a bit of a funk. Listing ten things you’re grateful for can shift your energy and give you a bit of extra bounce for the day. And it can be helpful too to include stuff that isn’t perfect – finding what there is to be grateful for in times of struggle can be really powerful.


Now yes, I know you’d need to sit down with a pen and paper to journal, it isn’t quite something you can do on the move. However your journalling could actually be you talking to yourself rather than writing thoughts down, it could be you recording your thoughts on a video or as a voice memo instead. The main piece here is to let your thoughts flow somehow. If you let your thoughts flow you free up emotions, rather than stockpiling them or numbing them. Journalling in whatever form it takes allows the emotions to be ‘energy-in-motion’ and to move through you, and when energy moves through you it leaves a feeling of lightness and relief.

And as a bonus… Permission slips

This is a Brené Brown technique. This is a simple act of writing yourself a permission slip for the day. This process lifts expectations we place on ourselves. When we place too many expectations on ourselves we become heavy or laden down. Giving ourselves permission to ‘fumble over a few words in that important meeting I’ve got today’ takes the pressure off and reduces stress. You can literally write the permission slip and carry it with you through the day, reminding yourself there’s no pressure to be ‘perfect’.

These techniques might sound ‘soft’ or ‘light’ but believe me they are powerful and impactful. When practised regularly they slowly but surely shift feelings of negativity, judgement and shame.

I dare you to pick a practice, tell a friend you are going to action it so you have some accountability, and see what shifts occur for you as a result.

Sending lots of love, Hannah

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* Image by Green Chameleon – www.unsplash.com

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