A change is as good as a rest

We are creatures of habit and comfort and routine. There is something really comforting about knowing what’s around the corner, and knowing that you’re going to enjoy it. I do Parkrun every Saturday and it feels great to know that it’s always there and it will make me feel good.

It’s easy to forget though that changing your habits and shaking things up can be highly therapeutic as well.

Keivor and I just moved house. After five years of living in our first flat in Brighton we decided to move. There was no main reason to the move, only that a lovely opportunity came up to live in a bigger space with a little outside terrace. Moving house is a pain, and it takes a huge amount of organising, cleaning, sorting… But we decided to do it anyway. And the change in the way I feel by shaking things up has been unexpectedly wonderful.

I feel more energetic, and lighter, and more optimistic.

We moved house for the sake of changing things and shaking things up. Changing things for the sake of changing things is totally valid. I notice lots of people have asked why we wanted to move, and the truth is there wasn’t any real reason, only that I think on a subconscious level we both knew that a change would be good.

The same goes for all areas of life, be it a change in your commute to work, a change in your role, a change in job altogether.

We need safety and comfort but we also need growth and stimulation, and making sure we have both leads to a healthier, more balanced way of life.

So, what can you change today? What can you do a bit differently in order to shake things up and feel more energetic, more light and more optimistic?

Sending love, Hannah

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