A change of scene

Here at Bird, when we coach clients in a 1:1 capacity on all things resilience and wellbeing, we often use what we call ‘geography’. Geography is all about moving around the room to emulate finding different perspectives on a situation.

In coaching, moving the body and physically changing where you are helps you leave old thoughts and ideas behind, and step into new ways of thinking. It’s a simple, but highly effective coaching process.

So it makes sense then, that as I spent a certain amount of time in new places over my summer break, I started to think differently about life. When walking through a gorge in the Derbyshire Dales, completely alone, I started to think more hopefully about the future. When getting myself to the top of a windy hill called Mam Tor (highly recommended) I felt abundant in opportunities and direction. I was camping alone for most of the trip and being quiet and reflective in my camper van allowed me to access a stillness I find harder to reach as I’m navigating normal day to day life.

It was a lovely experience, and one that led me to feel energised and inspired by the time I headed back to Brighton. A change of scene can sound like a cliché, but in actual fact, it really can help us think differently.

I hope you’ve found time this summer to find new places and spaces, and consequently to have more thoughts and ideas on what’s possible.

With love, Hannah and Team Bird

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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