A letter to my Lizard Brain

I’ve been reading an amazing book lately by Seth Godin. ‘The Icarus Deception’ is quite simply brilliant. What stands out the most to me is his notion of the ‘Lizard Brain,’ the part of us that tells us what to fear. It’s the part of us that keeps us from stepping into our brilliance, it keeps us ‘in the system’, ‘playing safe’…I often refer to this part of the brain as a gremlin, or a saboteur. I am aware that the Lizard Brain is responsible for a lack of solutions to the world’s greatest problems, because when we listen to Lizard Brain we listen to fear, and when we listen to fear there is no room for creativity.

I am divorcing my Lizard Brain. I am stepping fully into my creativity because I want to benefit my world, not live in fear of it.

And so I’ve decided to write my Lizard Brain a letter…

‘Hello Lizard Brain,

Thank you for keeping me safe. Thank you for making sure I make choices that mean I don’t get cast aside by society. Thank you for encouraging me to prioritise safety, a roof over my head, money in the bank, food in my fridge. Thank you for protecting me from outbursts by others, keeping me aware of what others might expect of me and fulfilling that expectation in order not to be told I’m wrong. Thank you for keeping me part of the system.

I have learnt a lot by listening to you, I’ve studied and learnt about various subjects and issues about the world, I’ve pushed myself through lots of interviews and found jobs with great new friends and had many fun nights out.

I think however, that I am done with you Lizard Brain. I have had a taste of what it’s like to feel alive, feel human. I’ve glimpsed what it’s like to really be me. Although defying you means I can never guarantee how much income I get from month to month, it makes it difficult to own a property, and very difficult to plan for things like maternity leave, holidays and retirement, I still choose to be ignorant to your advice.

Because without you I wake up every morning feeling in charge. I decide how to spend my day, I focus on how to give back, how to serve the world and I think about doing that from a place of self-love, authenticity, joy and peace. Although I live a life of uncertainty I feel more connected to everything that’s around me, I feel like I’m a sponge breathing in life and all it has to offer. When I ignore you Lizard Brain I connect to hope, belief in my own resourcefulness and trust that everything will turn out just fine.

You did your job Lizard Brain, but I choose not to listen anymore. I’m choosing uncertainty, creativity, community, connection, emotions. I’m choosing to feel alive.

Kind regards, Hannah’

I wonder if he listens…

*Image courtesy of http://www.inbound.com/inbound15/speakers/seth-godin

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