A self-growth resource list

Self-development is like doing exercise, it’s a life long habit that has to be maintained in order to feel physically (or in this case emotionally, mentally, spiritually) fit. You can’t expect to stay fit for your whole life by going to the gym for three months and then stopping all physical activity. The same goes for our internal growth. It is absolutely a daily practice.

So I want to share with you today eleven key resources you can dip in and out of to help you on your way.

Deepak Chopra and Oprah meditations – this month’s free 21 day meditation has been the best yet. All about your internal beliefs, who you are at your core, building your internal resilience and radiance so you emanate your joy to others.

Brené Brown – Rising Strong book and her Ted Talks – Brené Brown has written several other books that might be worth a look, but Rising Strong and her Ted Talks resonated with me the most.

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway – Susan Jeffers – this is the first book I ever read that showed me I have agency over my own path in life. I remember reading it as I edged my way through London traffic to a very uninspiring job! Needless to say I didn’t stay in that job very long after that.

Taming your Gremlin – Rick Carson – anyone who has ever worked with me knows about their gremlins, and this book is the bible to gremlin guidance. If you want to identify your negative self talk, and take action to ‘tame’ it this book is for you.

The Celestine Prophecy – James Redfield – an off the wall look at energy. I will say no more.

Thrive – Arianne Huffington – Great to hear that the creator of such a wide reaching publication believes self-care is a priority not a luxury.

The Monk who sold his Ferrari – Robin Sharma – a simple read giving practical tools around self care.

The Desire Map – Danielle LaPorte – brilliant step by step guide to understanding your core desired feelings.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s facebook page – I can’t stand facebook, however, Liz Gilbert’s page is a gem amongst a load of poop.

Shots of Awe – Jason Silva – for a quick three minute energised look at life check out this you tube channel for inspiration.

Seth Godin’s daily emails – I’ve got a lot of time for Seth. His target market is clearly female entrepreneurs or marketeers, but his ideas are universal, and anti ‘the system’ in a creative, productive, non aggressive way.

If you don’t look at the links now, keep this email somewhere safe and use it when you need. We are here, in life, to progress and grow. Self-care and self-development are about building resilience. They are about maintaining a position where you know you’ve got your own back so you can deal with the challenges when they come up. But they are also about ensuring you can thrive in the meantime.

Happy growing!

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