Hello. I’m Hannah, creator of Bird.

I am Hannah Massarella, founder of Bird. I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach having trained with the Coaches Training Institute. I always knew I wanted to positively impact the world. I knew there was something driving me to do something noteworthy, to thrive and create rather than slip through life without making some sort of positive contribution.

My previous approach to my career in the not-for-profit sector was to get my head down, work hard and push forward to be a catalyst for change. But my wellbeing and self care took a back seat whilst I tried to make a positive impact, and after several years of this approach, I ended up burning out.

I stumbled across coaching in 2012 and felt relieved, energised and hopeful that I could really make a difference from a place of self care. I assimilated a wide variety of tools and techniques to help me get back on purpose and heading in the right direction.

The thought behind Bird.

I set up Bird to use the coaching tools and techniques I had learnt to support people who are committed to positive change. Bird works with NGO workers, researchers, PhD students, doctors, nurses, social workers, carers, teachers, coaches, counsellors and entrepreneurs, championing your creativity and helping you to grow.

Bird is about escaping barriers that hold us back, both internally and externally, because we know that with the space, the support and the chance to succeed and fail without criticism or judgement, you can move mountains.

Working globally, we deliver 1-2-1 coaching programmes via Skype and telephone to help you to stay on purpose, and change the world, while prioritising your own wellbeing and self-care.

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Self-development is a responsibility, not a luxury.”