Adventure and creation

Two aspects of myself that I love to grow, but that sometimes go on the back burner when things get difficult or a bit too serious, are creativity and adventure. They are the two parts of me that act as gateways to tonnes of new emotions, and they show me how capable I am. But I find thoughts of money, time and ‘being realistic’ or ‘creating things of quality’ often take president over actually being adventurous or creative.

So I’ve decided to pick days of the week to be more creative and adventurous, perhaps days that don’t normally invite such acts.

As of right now, I will have adventurous Mondays and do things like go swim in the sea regardless of the weather (I will regret this in December!), and creative Wednesdays where I allow time and space to create something, anything, and give myself permission for it to be good or bad…

Bring it on! (I will let you know how it goes…)

(The picture is me on my Kilimanjaro adventure – not sure how many similar sized mountains are in Brighton however!)

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