Ah… The comfort zone

I’d like to go to New Zealand. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now. I’d like to explore some of the wonders I hear folks talk about when they reminisce about that magical sounding place. As I visualise being in New Zealand, I see myself on the edge of a cliff, with a bungee rope tied round my legs. I’m filled with simultaneous terror and wonder. Really? I want to do a bungee jump? Have I lost my mind?!

As I was again picturing this scenario this morning I started thinking about comfort zones. Me, launching myself off the edge of a cliff is most certainly outside of my comfort zone. I think it would take me a few attempts to take the step into the abyss. I’d be like some of the folks in this weirdly mesmerizing video.

We all know doing new things that scare us a little are ultimately good for us. We’re repeatedly told to go outside our comfort zone and I support the notion. Facing my fears and doing a jump would no doubt bring me a new sense of achievement and satisfaction.

But, I think there’s another crucial piece to remember here. Without some sort of solid foundation behind you, going outside of your comfort zone can be unsafe.

Which brings me right back to self-care.

Building a solid internal foundation, where you know yourself, you’re kind to yourself, you treat yourself as you would your own child, makes going out into the world and ‘jumping’ a million times easier. Having that strong foundation means you can come back to base regardless of what happens in your endeavours beyond the comfort zone.

You would never do a bungee jump without a solid platform to jump off and robust equipment. So regarless whether the jump is a horrible ‘I’m never doing this again’ experience, or a wonderful, exhiliarating ride, you know you’re safe, you know you can come back to base.

So build your safe foundations, make your ‘base’ a strong one, and then…


With love, Hannah

*Image by Jasper van der Meij www.unsplash.com

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