Are you in?

These past few weeks I’ve been reaching out to organisations and individuals who I know are making change and are challenging old systems and ideas.

The system as it is isn’t working; we’re not encouraged to take proper care of ourselves. We’re encouraged to worry about the economy, external threats to our existence, whether or not we look good.

These worries don’t help us, they lead to anxiety, burn out, stress and depression. The system as it is neglects to encourage us to slow down, pay attention to our emotions and find out who we are at our core.

We’re told these kinds of ideas are ‘wanky’ or ‘hippie’ or ‘new age’. In truth they are simple processes that scare a lot of people because when we embrace ourselves as brilliant individuals, we challenge the system.

At Bird we are challenging the system. We advocate unearthing who you are at your core, taking a leap into the unknown of loving yourself fully and wholeheartedly. We hold the belief that no amount of money, job success, house buying or marriage making will give you safe passage through life. We believe safe passage through life comes from really knowing and loving who you are.

It’s radical, but it works. Are you in?

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