Beating fear

I have a soul that needs feeding.

My soul asks me to try new experiences and expand my knowledge of what it is to be alive in this world. When I try new things, and put myself outside of my comfort zone my soul feels nourished and shines more brightly. When my soul shines it feels like electricity is coursing through my veins, like I am a tiny bit closer to understanding the riddle of life.

Sometimes, I find myself restless in certain situations, like my soul is temporarily locked up in a cage. And I feel like the main force at work stifling my soul is my own fear.

I often experience an internal battle. My soul trying to escape the confines of it’s cage, and my gatekeeping fear doing it’s best to keep the locks shut.

I came back from a two-week break last week and felt apprehensive that I’d have to go back into battle. Rather than going back in, I wanted to go back to the swimming pool and the Mediterranean sun. But, my soul sings loudest when I’m trying new things. And as much as I love sun, sand and the sea, it isn’t the greatest arena for soul expansion.

And so I’m armouring up, I’m equipping myself with a fantastic network of support (coaches, people who create blogs like ‘The Gratitude Journals’, like minded friends, books that remind me the soul wants to sing) and I’m pushing out of the cage.

I am rolling out a new programme in my business, I am pushing to the next level with my health and fitness, I am making closer and deeper relationships with amazing people.

It’s time for my soul to shine.

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