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We deliver coaching and training in the non profit sector. But more than that, we’re creating a movement. It’s a movement designed to shift the way we work. We don’t believe ‘hard graft / nose to the grindstone / never stopping for air’ is the route to a happy, fulfilling, sustainable, productive career.

Unfortunately however, it seems to be the norm. We’ve seen far too many talented, passionate, intelligent individuals burn out because the processes and strategies to maintaining good mental health and wellbeing haven’t been available to them.

So we say no more. Those strategies and processes can be simple, and really accessible, and can radically shift the way it feels to show up to work everyday.

So we’ve created a whole range of service sharing those strategies and processes that can help you. 

At Bird we say prioritising your needs is necessary if you are to bring your most creative, innovative, intuitive, productive self to the workplace.

If you’d like to schedule a call to discuss how we can help you, or your teams, to prioritise self-care in order to be more productive, creative, innovative and joyful drop us a line. 

We’d love to hear from you.

With love, Hannah and the Bird team

*Image by Abdiel Ibarra

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