Building resilience through nature

I’m loving the turn of the season at the moment, autumn colours are just spectacular, and I love the build up to the various celebrations we have this time of year.

At the moment I am packing up and getting ready to head off to the first Bird Retreat, due to take place up in Derbyshire this weekend. One of the many things I am super excited about is the fact that we are going to be surrounded by nature.

Nature is like medicine, it fills you up and calms you down. Yesterday evening Keivor and I went on a deer safari in West Sussex. It was in a beautiful venue that has been reclaimed by wildlife and is now home to a tonne of animals and insects, some of which are endangered in the UK. We heard male deer fighting, ‘huffing’ (is that what deer do?!) and saw them posturing around trying to attract a mate. It was spectacular.

And what was even more spectacular was just being in amongst the trees, the wildlife, the leaf litter, the quiet. I’d had quite a busy day and just standing in the shadow of an enormous oak tree brought me right back into the present, it literally slowed my mind.

So this weekend in amongst the yoga, good food and group coaching sessions I will be soaking up the outdoors, breathing in the fresh air and giving myself permission to slow down.

I hope you have a smashing weekend lined up.

With love, Hannah

Ps. I have a couple of things I wanted to share this week. The brilliant Rox Hobbs of The Hobbs Consultancy is leading another He AND She conference in London in November. The conferences are looking at masculine and feminine leadership and are well worth heading along to – I will be there!

And I’d also like to share my fantastic friend Elloa Atkinson’s latest set of online workbooks that are awesome. They are all about Play, Power and Purpose and can be purchased separately or as a pack. Well worth checking out.

*Image by Lukasz Szmigiel

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