Do what you can, with what you’ve got, where you are

Well, here we are on 18th December 2020. The end of the year that turned everything upside down. I really hope you are heading towards a break, and an opportunity to rest and recuperate.

As I shared last week, there are tonnes of resources available to support us through challenging times and help us build resilience. One thing I heard recently which I found useful in relation to resilience was the idea that a way to be resilient is to do what we can, with what we’ve got, where we are. I heard this when listening to this interesting podcast, and I think it’s a really helpful way to look at things. It’s sort of like acceptance, rather than trying to re-shape things or struggle against or push through, it can be powerful to take a step back, survey the situation and ask yourself ‘what can I do, with what I’ve got, where I am?’

For me this Christmas looks different to how it might usually, but if I take the above perspective I can create new and different traditions. I can make the festive period restful and fun and happy with all the resources I already have around me. It might be a Christmas that involves more cat than human but I intend on really doing what I can with what I’ve got exactly where I am.

With love and hopes for a pleasant end of the year, we’ll see you again on 7th January 2021, Hannah and Team Bird

Photo by Alex on Unsplash

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