Embracing who you are


For the past few days I’ve been drinking green juices in the morning, and actively bringing more fruit, veg and exercise into my life. I had hoped that by today I’d be feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed and really energised, when in fact I feel a bit spaced out because I think it’s taken my body by surprise and I’m in emergency mode.

But, more than ever I wanted to get in front of a camera to speak to you in a less than perfect state. I just wanted to embrace who I am today, and bring that to you.

In reality it’s actually amazing to allow yourself to just be with whatever is here today. It feels amazing to stop trying to be and feel the way you think you ‘should’ be feeling in a certain situation. It’s actually liberating to accept that sometimes you might feel quite introspective when the external situation expects you to be bold and out there.

My request for you today is to go out there and just be who you are, and love it. Because you are awesome when you’re with whatever emotions come up for you in each moment.

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