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Sometimes I catch myself holding my breath without realising. It’s like I’m holding my breath to keep all the things I’m trying to create in life afloat. I sometimes imagine life like a river, I’m travelling along the current on a raft but the raft is being held together by various bits of rope, one in each hand, a piece between my teeth, trying to navigate and steer all at the same time. Letting go would mean sinking, or burning out. And so, like many people trying to make some sort of impact in the world, I keep going, keep pushing. I might even take on more parts of the raft, I might even stretch myself more to hold it all together and keep moving forward.

Until I don’t. Until I remember that the journey is the destination and it doesn’t help me at all to move through life this way. And I remind myself of this quote:

‘Nothing really matters unless you want it to. Once I figured that out so much anxiety faded away.’ Jessica Walsh

Letting go of all the pieces of the raft can be scary but liberating. If the raft gets too big, with too many parts and too much to hold together, it can lead to burn out. If the desperate holding-together of everything is recognised early on it can prompt a day off, a day to re-charge. It can lead to letting go without breaking down, without the complete destruction of everything you’ve worked so hard to create.

Letting go of the raft, before things spiral out of control can only happen when there is self-awareness. I know that when I feel a knot in my chest things are getting out of hand and I need to step back and reconnect to something that re-ignites me. For me this most often involves putting on some music, going for a run or being with nature.

I’ve learnt that it’s most constructive to let go in a safe space. It’s additionally re-energising to let go in a space that provides tools, techniques and strategies to tailor your raft, or build a new one, one that you don’t have to kill yourself to hold together.

So this is why we created AIR-retreat. Alice Davies and I wanted to create a space in which incredible world-impacting men and women can let go in an inspiring space. We wanted to create a retreat in which people could re-charge and re-connect to their essence, their core and learn strategies to head back out into the world with a more manageable, more nourishing raft to navigate through life’s waters.

AIR-retreat will help people work out what really matters in life, what’s worth fighting for. AIR-retreat helps you consciously let go in a safe, non breaking down kind of way.

We want to see you there. We really do. We want to work with you, help you re-ignite and give you the opportunity to experience the amazing world of Tilton House. We believe in what you’re creating, and we believe you deserve to do that without depleting yourself of your essence, joy and happiness.

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