Finding finding happiness exhausting?

The process of trying to feel fulfilled and joyful can be exhausting. We spend time exploring situation after situation, trying to find the places, people and projects that make us feel alive. It can erode at our resilience as we search to create the perfect set up for ourselves.

However, there is an alternative approach. By working out who you want to be in the world, and the impact you want to have, you can see quickly which opportunities are in alignment. In the coaching world we call this finding your Life Purpose.

If I can be vulnerable, I’d like to share my own personal Life Purpose Statement:

‘I am the calm, deep ocean inspiring others to connect to wonder, love and trust.’

You’ll notice my purpose isn’t dependent on my work, my environment or my relationships. My purpose is a simple awareness about who I’m here to be (the calm, deep ocean) and the impact I’m here to have (to inspire others to connect to wonder, love and trust).

The beauty of the Life Purpose Statement is that it is applicable to all areas of my life. I can show up with that deep, calm energy in a variety of settings, and I can inspire others to connect to wonder, love and trust through my work, in my relationships or with strangers I meet during my day.

It feels liberating to have a purpose. It releases me from needing to search through places, people and projects to feel happy. It allows me to see the abundance of opportunities in the world and choose the ones that fit with my Life Purpose.

I can create such situations as well, I’m not waiting for the right situations to come along. I have a blueprint from which to work from.

Having a Life Purpose is a simple, beautiful short cut to creating a life that truly serves you. It saves you from being in situation after situation that erode your wellbeing because they don’t create the space or opportunity for you to be who you really want to be and for you to have the impact you really want to have.

Here’s to living a life of purpose.

With love, Hannah

*Image by Martin Dorsch

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