Get yourself in the spotlight

Imagine you have a big bright beam coming from a beacon above your head, lighting the world outside of yourself. Imagine this bean is your attention, lighting the path to external things, people and places. With the spotlight focussed on the outside world we highlight things we aspire to have in our world, and we begin to chase the carrot. We focus on the next pay check, the next house we can move into, the next car we will own, the next partner we will find, the next friend we will meet. Focussing the beam on our external world reinforces society’s ideology that things outside of ourselves will give us the feeling of completeness and wholeness.

Because that’s what we all desire at the end of the day. To feel whole, complete. To feel enough.

But what happens when we turn the spotlight on ourselves. In our search to find wholeness, completeness and to feel enough, what can be found when the light leads the way in our internal landscape? And where do we even start with this?

I’ve had to work hard to focus inwards. I meditate daily, I am conscious and deliberate about the way I talk to myself, I reflect and journal and talk to others who are on a similar journey. I pay my body respect.

And this is what I find comes from practicing such actions regularly…

Truth. Love. Infinite possibilities. A completeness you can’t even dream of when you focus on external things around you. A cacophony of emotions that, when the light shines outwards, are merely hinted at by a chance encounter with a passionate human being, or a moment of beauty in nature. Internally, we are all mini universes, we all have infinite capacity to love ourselves, to vibrate with passion and power and strength, to exist on a natural high, without the merest suggestion of an external influence.

And it’s funny, something I’ve had to re-train myself around is the idea that all this internal focussing is in some way selfish, that loving myself and exploring the inner world of who I am and how I feel is giving myself too much attention. It really isn’t the case. Once I connect to this inner space of who I am I feel a million times more resourceful to give generously to others, to give others time in a way that doesn’t deplete me of energy.

If we all gave ourselves permission to shine the spotlight inward, I am 100% confident the love, care, respect, hope, creativity, innovation, laughter in the world would increase, and the pain, anger, abuse, war and aggression in the world would be a thing of the past.

This stuff is the future.

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