Gratitude for 2018

As most of us are packing up for Christmas I thought I’d keep this week’s blog short and sweet.

Let’s be grateful. As Ruby Wax taught me, our brains cannot feel worried or overwhelmed or busy at the same time as feeling grateful. Taking the time to pick things from the past year that we’re grateful for is powerful in two ways. It takes us away from overwhelm, whilst also triggering a few lovely happy hormones in the body as we remember those good times.

My invitation to you this week, is to list ten things you are grateful for from the past year. As food for thought here are mine:

1. Working with many beautiful clients who engaged wholeheartedly with their personal growth.
2. Finding and using Insight Timer, and in particular Sarah Blondin’s meditations that feature on it.
3. The existence of Park Run, and how much it has helped me maintain my physical wellbeing.
4. Working alongside fabulous Bird Associates who have delivered incredible work to our clients.
5. Finding a yoga class that really suits me.
6. All the trips I have been on – Australia, France, Switzerland and Cyprus.
7. My Nanna (who sadly passed away earlier in the year) I am so grateful to have had her in my life.
8. My health (particularly as I got very ill for a few weeks and then really recognised how good it is to feel healthy).
9. My legs and the places they take me to.
10. Love and learning through all the relationships I have.

That felt great. And to be honest I can think of loads more. So please, have a reflect, think about what there is to be grateful for, even share your gratitude list with a friend, and notice how it feels.

With love and a Very Merry Christmas,


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