Hannah the surfer

I used to want to be a surfer, I would imagine living the lifestyle, having connection with friends, nourishing myself with the sun, being fit and healthy, being adventurous. I used to dream about it without any limiting beliefs, even though I’d never even tried it. I used to dream like that a lot, it was amazing to wholeheartedly believe that I could achieve absolutely ANYTHING I set my mind to.

But as I grew older I thought that this dream was ‘unrealistic’. I grew up in Leeds and as far as I knew there weren’t any waves close by. And when I did try to surf I was so exhausted and put off by the potential dangers I decided it wasn’t really for me. Fear stopped the dream.

Fear has a lot to answer for. Fear not only stopped me from following through on my dream, it ended up stopping me dreaming about it as well. My head would say ‘what’s the point in dreaming if you’re too afraid to follow it through?’ If only we knew how many amazing ideas, projects, role models and inspirations fear killed. I wish we could put it on trial and lock it up for a thousand years.

I now dream about other things, and I keep them alive by sending fear and self doubt away. I also acknowledge that whatever I’m dreaming might not happen exactly as I wish, but by dreaming and imagining and getting my heart going about something I am energised and because of that energy, good things will come.

So I invite you to dream, imagine, visualise, connect, believe you can get what you want. Make it feel possible. The energy of that is beneficial on it’s own, and you never know if you believe it enough, it might just happen.

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