How can I help?

Well, what can I say, it has been such a turbulent time for all of us over the past few weeks. And as we know of course there is more to come.

Never have I come to rely on my own resilience building strategies more than now. Never have I felt so uncertain, and scared, about what’s around the corner. On Saturday it all became a little too much and I felt the tears appear, I spoke to a friend and realised that I’d been in gremlin mode for the past week. I’d been afraid of losing everything, and becoming isolated and without any sense of security. My gremlin fast tracked worse case scenarios and I felt convinced there was no other way things were going to go.

That was until a new thought came into my brain. I realised my gremlin was in the driving seat and so I began to look for other ways to see the situation. What would help me move out of fear and move into something more productive and positive?

And this question appeared: ‘How can I help?’

That thought seemed to shift something in me. It reminded me that I am not on my own with this, we are all struggling with it, we are all feeling the huge sense of uncertainty before us. Our gremlins have us believe we are isolated in our fear, that we’ll lose everything and be on our own, but when we shift a little and see things from a place of connection, of common humanity, of remembering we are all one, things feel so much less terrifying.

‘How can I help?’ I have been holding that question for the past few days. I’ve been holding it and things have started to appear – more coaching for people in the thick of it right now, opportunities to hold workshops as webinars so people can still feel supported and connected, avenues through which to write new blogs to remind people you are not alone in the way you are feeling.

When we begin to think about how we can help, the door also opens to how others can help us. In times like these we might need someone to say to us, ‘it’s ok, I can give you some loo roll, or a tins of beans if the supermarket shelves completely run dry’ or ‘I can lend you some money whilst things are a bit slow’ or ‘you can stay with me’. We are hardwired to help each other. We all have the capacity, and the desire to help, because we know when we help we feel part of a community, we feel part of the tribe, we feel safe and supported.

So reach out to someone, ask ‘how can I help’ and what’s more, share how they can help you too.

We are all totally in this together, this is a time for us to lean on each other and help each other along the way. We can’t declare that everything will all be ok, but we can say I’m with you as we navigate this rocky and uncertain road ahead.

And so I’d like to ask everyone in the Bird community – how can we help you? If there is anything in particular you need in terms of emotional support right now drop me an email.

With love as always, Hannah and Team Bird

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

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