How nutrition helps with emotional resilience

Now, I don’t in any way claim to be an expert around nutrition. However, I wanted to share on the blog this week, my own personal experience of building emotional resilience by being conscious of what I put in my body.

For a long while I’ve been following interesting nutrition writers like Kris Carr, and listening closely as my colleagues at Work Well Being discuss the importance of nutrition wellbeing workshops. I intellectually understood that it was an area that would benefit me to look into, but never actually took the reins for myself.

Until January this year. Encouraged by Veganuary and Dry January I decided to eat consciously (as plant-based as possible) and step away from my nemesis the booze for the month. I also ensured I did plenty of yoga and meditation and ran my usual Park Runs every Saturday. The obvious things happened like shedding a bit of weight and sleeping better. But the thing I am so massively blown away by is the way I feel.

Basically my emotional resilience has become so much more robust. I can work through challenges more quickly and my default perspective has been more hopeful and ‘can-do’ than it might ordinarily be.

It really does feel great, and it doesn’t have to be a big dramatic approach. I certainly haven’t been fully vegan, I’ve just paid more attention to what I fuel myself with, and it has paid off.

I don’t advocate faddy diets or being meticulous about what you eat at the expense of feeling relaxed and happy. That goes way beyond the point. But self-caring enough to nourish yourself well really does pave the way to more happy, joyful feelings.

So I invite you to explore how you fuel yourself, and whether a few small changes might make the world of difference to your overall wellbeing.

With love, Hannah

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