How to connect to confidence and grace

Inside each of us lives the truest essence of who we really are. Beyond our layers of responsibility we all have an inner truth, one that believes in us completely. I call this inner truth my core. The vibe of the core is one of simplicity, grace, wisdom, confidence and completeness.

Often, the core gets pushed to one side whilst we head out into the world to learn and find out more about what’s available for us. Sometimes what’s ‘out there’ can ignite our essence and reconnect us to that wonderful feeling of truth. But many things don’t ignite our core, and sometimes it can lay dormant for some time without attention.

I believe the greatest job for all of us in life is to tend to our core.

To do that we need to give our core attention, and space to grow.

I am guilty of spending lots of time on screens. I know that whenever I’m ‘plugged in’ I’m not paying attention to my internal essence, I’m wired and heady rather than connected and calm. This costs me the opportunity to cultivate my core, to utilise the immense sense of possibility that comes when I connect to it.

I know however, that life is hectic, and I’m not about to give myself a hard time for being part of my external world. I also know that whenever I want to connect back to my core it is waiting for me, happy and without judgment that I went away for a little while.

Your core has always been there, will always be there and is eager to be as much a part of your life as possible. How do you connect to it?

With love, Hannah

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*Image by Sergey Zolkin

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