How to feel good at work and home

When I worked with my first coach, six years ago now, I expected positive change to happen immediately for me. I wanted my self-sabotage to disappear overnight, I expected my own coaching business to take flight immediately and soar.

In this world of immediacy, I wanted everything now.

But I realised, after some time, that change doesn’t really tend to happen like that.

Real, lasting change happens after committing to small, regular actions over time.

And this is relevant both on a personal level, and in the workplace too.

My own yoga practice started in earnest about eighteen months ago. At first I really resisted doing it each time I came to the mat. It was a struggle, and I felt so stiff and rubbish. Now, having shown up regularly over the past year and a half to do Yoga with Adriene, where the longest youtube class she posts is 45 minutes long, I actually enjoy it. I now have a new unconscious story that yoga helps me feel good. At the start I pushed back and thought it was painful and hard, but from showing up often, and for short periods of time, yoga is now something I love.

The same goes in the workplace. At Bird, we have worked with organisations to share a wealth of wellbeing strategies that can change the culture and energy. At first the change seems like a mountain to climb. However, over time, meeting with colleagues to have honest check ins, supporting each other to take time out over lunch, ensuring emotions are understood and courageously and appropriately shared leads to a changed organisation. These small gradual steps lead to a well organisation.

When we stay committed to small actions to create and maintain wellbeing, either personally or in our places of work, things begin to change.

Positive change towards wellness isn’t all that glamorous and dramatic. It’s gentle, and a bit bumpy, and you can feel like nothing is happening. Until, 18 months later you take a step back and realise you feel a whole lot better.

With love, Hannah

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Photo by Mikito Tateisi on Unsplash

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