How to make life easy

If I get fixated on a specific outcome, fixated on unhelpful gremlin chatter, or fixated on the idea that something else ‘out there’ will make me feel good I get all tied up mentally and emotionally. I feel as if I’m wound up in a mass of gnarly ropes, and life starts to feel hard.

A process I was lead through in my early days of coaching training, and one that I still use with my clients to this day, is a visualisation that connects you to your core. It connects you to the essence of who you really are, beyond your job, your roles at home, even beyond your race, your sexuality, your gender. I have a strong connection to my core from several years of tapping into it when meditating, and (when I remember) during my day to day activities. My core is a peaceful bluish ball of energy that sits in my solar plexus.

What I’ve learnt is that life becomes easy when I connect to my core and step back from trying to make external outcomes happen. I become ‘positively detached’ from all the outcomes, I’m not blasé about them, but I know that me thriving as a human being doesn’t actually depend on them.

Connecting to my core gives me permission to drop fixations, life becomes free, flowing, graceful, hopeful and things become possible. If fixation feels like being wound up in a mass of gnarly ropes, being positively detached feels like looking out over the horizon from a wooden jetty on tropical waters.

Life becomes easy when I step back, connect to my core, recognise that a million possibilities could happen, and that I’ll be ok no matter what, because my core has got my back.

How do you make life easy for yourself?

Image #1 by Stephanie McCabe.

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