How to tame your gremlins

I’ve been battling gremlins of late. I’m not entirely sure why, but they decided to mount an offensive on me a couple of months ago and I’ve been trying to fend them off ever since.

Experiencing gremlin chatter for me is tightness in my chest, very rapid thoughts and lots of fear based worries and concerns particularly about things I can’t control (such as whether my airplane is going to successfully arrive at it’s destination). It manifests as chest pain and headaches, and lots of tears.

Gremlins are pretty shitty, but they are part of being human. Sometimes there is something to learn from them, often that learning is how to become even more resilient in the face of them.

Like most of us I can forget, when I’m in the thick of a gremlin whirlwind, that I have a plethora of tools and techniques to help me move past them. It can be a challenge when you’re in the hole to remember the ways out.

Gremlin taming techniques

Luckily, through a mixture of melt-down and vulnerability with a couple of key people I have been able to remember my gremlin taming techniques. They are as follows:

  • Identify which gremlins are at play, get to the heart of what they are saying and imagine what they look like. Remember I am not my gremlins.
  • Speak to other seekers who are ‘in the arena’.
  • Go to my resource list (see last week’s piece)
  • Connect to my core, my values, my purpose, get still and go inside, meditate.
  • Use gratitude lists and self-acknowledgement.
  • Journal, connect to my subconscious mind and let my emotions move through me and onto the page.

Everyone has gremlins. Our job is to notice them, and take action to separate ourselves from them and choose whether or not to listen to their messages.

A great read is ‘Taming your Gremlin’ by Rick Carson.

So onward I go in taming those nasty cretins, I’d love to hear your experiences of gremlin taming too, please comment below.

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