How your work will be much more peaceful and creative in future

Our brilliant Bird associate Elloa Atkinson sent me a groundbreaking book yesterday. It’s called Reinventing Organisations (I recommend the illustrated version) and talks about the next paradigm of work.

I am out of my mind with excitement about this book.

It shares, that what we’re looking at in future is workplaces that are no longer hierarchical, but instead rely on individual drive to do good work. No one has a boss, and instead teams work collaboratively to make decisions about anything work-related that will impact others in the organisation. Rather than having to make all the big decisions, maintaining staff morale, keeping the board happy, driving the direction of the organisation, dealing with admin, conflict resolving, managing budgets and leading change programmes, CEOs will have much more space to step back, tap into their intuition, be the public face of the organisation and hold a safe space for staff to really step into their power.

This book has blown my mind. And helped me to really see how the wellbeing movement fits in. As these new workspaces evolve what will be needed is individuals who feel confident, understanding of their values and purpose, able to have challenging conversations and able to take responsibility for their emotions. Which is what we teach here at Bird. We see and empower individuals to grow into the greatest versions of themselves.

It sounds like a dream world. But let me assure you that every ‘yes but what if….’ and ‘yes but who will do X, Y and Z…?’ is answered in this book. The author, Frederic Laloux, has twelve case studies that share that organisations that are built on Self-Management, Wholeness and Evolutionary Purpose are completely possible. And not only are they possible they lead to:

1. Engaged and happy staff
2. A hugely trusting environment
3. Staff who ‘wish home could be more like work’
4. More productivity
5. If relevant, more profit

If you are a CEO I urge you to download and read this book (I read the illustrated copy and it took about 2 hours). If you are not a CEO and are feeling in ANY way frustrated, controlled, not able to fully show up as yourself in the workplace, please read this book and learn ways to change things from the inside, or indeed start your own organisation based on these ideas.

I’ve put the link to the book all over this email. I get no commission from the selling of the book, in fact they even offer a pay what you think scheme because they are so keen to get the ideas out as far and wide as possible. In case you missed the link – here it is again! 

If you want to discuss these ideas please reach out and we can arrange a chat, or perhaps a group where we all support each other to step into the future of work.

Sending lots of love, and excitement, Hannah x

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

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