If money was no object

Sometimes money – or the absence of it – limits our capacity to vision the future that we really want.

If money was no object at all (if you didn’t need it, or it was always taken care of) what would you create in your life? Would it be a home? More breaks away? Would it be more time to be creative? Would it be more time with the family? More time to reflect and understand yourself?

Allowing yourself to visualise and dream this way may feel overly optimistic, or far too ‘unrealistic’. But in fact it is a hugely powerful practice to get into. We create our reality with our thoughts, and if we think small and imagine limits we will inevitably be faced by those limits. If we dream big and imagine what could be possible, we will notice ourselves overcoming obstacles and achieving greater things.

At Bird we are visualising a future without limits. For Bird itself that means a bigger team, more office space, and more wellbeing practices for us as an organisation. When we visualise a future without limits for the world, we imagine not-for-profits and public sector organisations implementing more and varied wellbeing practices. We imagine all individuals taking up coaching and other self-care practices in order to build stronger, deeper connections with self and others. We imagine a world where people tap more deeply into their relationship with themselves, and their ability to be creative in the world.

At Bird we know that when you dream big, you open the door to parts of the journey becoming a reality. When I was employed I dreamt of having my own organisation and delivering 1:1 coaching sessions and weekly workshops. The past year has been week after week of just that. Sure, the full vision (working from the coast of Italy on a regular basis) hasn’t been fully realised! But, I certainly wouldn’t have been anywhere near where I am today had I not put limits aside and given things a shot.

Visioning without monetary limits feels freeing and exciting, and in doing so we naturally start to make those visions happen.

I’d love to hear what comes up for you when you let yourself dream.

With love, Hannah

I am expanding my coaching rosta in April in order to work with an additional four people per month! If you would like to take a spot contact me here.

We have been published for the third time on Civil Society media. Read the latest article ‘Practical Solutions towards Wellbeing in the Workplace’ here. 

Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

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