Introducing The Third Space

At Bird we talk about VUCA times. Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous times. We are living in such times, the world around us is very VUCA, and will continue to be into the future.

When we share this idea in workshops people sometimes baulk, and feel very pessimistic. However, we think VUCA times are an opportunity to learn more about what we’re made of. We talk about leaning in to VUCA times, to find out new information, to try and transform the way we approach situations and challenges.

Last week I had such a situation. I was in Lisbon and my computer broke. My computer is effectively my office, so unexpectedly I was unable to do all the things I wanted to do. Including writing the usual Thursday Bird blog.

What I noticed when my computer broke last week, which is very different from years gone past, is that I did not panic or get stressed out. I accepted it super quickly and looked to what I could do in this space and time that had newly opened up. I wrote tonnes of plans and ideas about the future of Bird and the impact we want to have. It was productive. By leaning in to VUCA times I was creative and innovative, rather than stressed and anxious. I transformed the way I approached the challenge.

Before the computer breaking saga, I had put together our first edition of The Third Space, and was going to share it with you last Thursday.

The Third Space is a publication that explores wellbeing and resilience in the charity and public sectors. For our launch edition we have six contributors, comprising experts in the field and those who have experienced the stresses and strains of working in the sector. Take a look here.

If you want to support others around wellbeing and resilience, and handling VUCA times in the charity and public sector spaces, please share The Third Space with them. And if those same colleagues and contacts want weekly wellbeing thoughts please invite them to sign up to the Bird blog via this link.  

Bird will continue to land in your inbox on Thursdays with snippets of resilience and wellbeing thought. But for a deeper read head over to The Third Space.

And if you have a story to tell about resilience in the charity or public sectors and you would like to contribute to The Third Space please get in touch.

Externally, most things are volatile and uncertain, but we can equip ourselves to navigate it all in an open, strong, self-caring way. One of the best ways to do this is to find strategies to prioritise wellbeing and self-care. Bird, and The Third Space exist to support you to build such effective strategies.

Sending love as always, Hannah

Photo by Hendrik Cornelissen on Unsplash

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