Is there laughter in your organisation?

When I think back to my days working within the not-for-profit sector I can’t remember much laughter. It felt hard to have a giggle when the nature of the work was so heavy. When we’re faced with challenging work, or challenging times, laughter can feel far away or inappropriate.

But laughter is a highly important tool for resilience. Laughter releases endorphins and serotonin, and lowers levels of stress. Laughter with others is also a way to connect. When we laugh together we are reminded we are not alone in this world, there are others who are on our wave length.

Laughter during challenging times doesn’t have to be great big belly laughs, it can be a chuckle at something small. Having a bit of light banter with a colleague or friend, or making a joke about the biscuit selection. Even these small moments can help us feel a little lighter.

It’s so easy to forget to laugh. But it’s so good for us. When we laugh we take ourselves out of the perspective of worry about what’s around us. We release pent up stress. We relax.

And when we release that pent up stress and find ourselves relaxing we are in a much stronger position to deal with the challenges around us.

Our newsletter this week comes a day late, but that means it’s a Friday, and when better in the week to have a little chortle than a Friday afternoon?

With love, Hannah

PS. We are starting to fill our autumn calendar with workshops and coaching clients. If you would like to explore resilience workshops or coaching for your colleagues or yourself get in touch. 

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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