1:1 Life Coaching for people in the not for profit/public sector sectors and for socially conscious entrepreneurs.

Life coaching is a fast growing technique to build self-trust, self-acceptance and self-worth. At Bird we are CTI Certified Co-Active coaches. Co-Active coaching uses processes such as visioning, building awareness of core values, establishing life purpose, connecting to intuition, being with difficult emotion, combatting gremlins/ negative self talk and gaining perspective.

In our experience working with clients in the not for profit and public sectors, as well as socially conscious entrepreneurs, we have found a wealth of passion, compassion and generosity but we have also noticed a trend of putting self- care at the bottom of the to do list. In reality, prioritising self-care creates a nourished foundation from which you can do helpful, passionate and importantly, sustainable work.

Our 1:1 Life Coaching packages help you to build a resilient internal system that gives you confidence, calmness and fulfilment. Coaching with Bird gives you the opportunity to work on areas like work-life balance, avoiding burn out, combatting worries and self-acceptance.

Working with Certified Professional Co-Active Coaches, you will complete the three-month package feeling energised, empowered and in charge of your future.

After our three-month coaching package you can expect:

  • To feel yourself moving away from burn out and towards energy, emotional nourishment and wholeness.
  • To have a greater awareness of your emotional range and feel able to chose how you want to show up in your life.
  • To have a greater work/life balance, and feel like you are carrying less of a load.
  • To have even greater access to your intuition.
  • To feel more resourceful. To feel and be enjoying an abundance of potential inside and outside of work.
  • To experience a heightened sense of joy, optimism, direction, energy and momentum for now and the future.

Complimentary session

To ensure that we are the right fit for you, we offer a complimentary 45 minute Skype coaching session to all potential customers.


3 months coaching: One 1.5 hour Discovery Session and five 45 minute coaching sessions every two weeks. Sessions take place over the phone or via Skype.

Cost: The package is £700, £630 if paid in full at the start. Alternatively payment can be made monthly (£300, £200, £200)

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