Living and working with intuition

I’ve been working with a brilliant website designer lately, to help me develop my site to serve the increasing interest Bird is receiving. We are working to make the website more ‘intuitive’. An intuitive website is a place that you can flow through, easily finding what you want to find. It’s nice being on an intuitive website, or rather, it’s nice just using your intuition to find what you need.

When I went to Mumbai a couple of years ago I noticed how many people moved around that city and how little people bumped into each other. It was as if people were using another sense, as if they were letting go and flowing in and out amongst each other. The people of Mumbai, it seemed, were intuitively moving through life.

It’s common to overthink situations, to engage the brain too much, when our intuition would probably do the job in a better, more beautiful way. I’m thinking of bartenders pouring the exact amount of alcohol into the cocktail glass with no measure, Keivor just knowing where to chop a piece of wood to get the size he needs, Paul Hollywood on the Bake Off master classes knowing how much butter is 100 grams without measuring. It’s a wonder to watch.

This power, intuition, flow, gut, knowing, is so useful to us and yet we choose to over analyse rather than engage with this extra sense that we all have.

When you live and work intuitively life becomes easier, there is no room for gremlins, mind chatter has to be quiet in order for you to connect to that deeper sense. Life and work become more enjoyable because fear abates when intuition is awake.

I invite you to remember a time when you connected to your intuition. Re-awaken what that felt like and find ways to weave it into your day.

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