Maintaining your stock of energising resources

So I’ve been reminded over the past few weeks how important my stock of go-to resources is, particularly if I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed or foggy. It’s pretty easy to forget all of the tools, perspectives and ideas for remaining energised and excited about life when you’re in any kind of fear. Before I went away I felt a bit lost for a couple of days and remembered the work of Brené Brown, particularly her ideas around Rising Strong and it helped me immeasurably.

My thoughts today are about how important it is to have a store cupboard of go to blogs, books, online talks or videos in order to re-energise or to stay on track with being authentic and connected to your truest self. Here are a few ideas:

Brené Brown – Rising Strong
A Force for Good
JK Rowling speech at Harvard
Sera Beak
Shots of awe
Elizabeth Gilbert – creativity
Dr Maya Angelou

I have shared resources in the past, and some of the ones I’ve shared above will resonate with you and some won’t. The key point here is about creating your own go-to list. Because life can get tricky and challenging, and firstly just to know you have that bunch of resources can be helpful, but secondly to allow yourself the time and space to plug into inspiration is an essential part of self care and resilience.

So enjoy building, re-designing or adding to your stock cupboard of resources.

With love as always, Hannah

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*Image by Hoach Le Dinh

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