My story

Previously, I worked towards events in my life and focussed so heavily upon them that nothing else mattered in the build up. And then, once the event had passed, I forgot the whole process and moved on with little reflection.

I started wondering how many of us actually tell ourselves our story so far? When was the last time you thought about all you have worked towards, all you have achieved, all you have risked, what you have lost, what you have gained and what you have learnt?

So now I am committed to remembering past achievements, and celebrating one or two things… Running two marathons, climbing Kilimanjaro, setting up a business… It feels great to acknowledge myself, just as I would acknowledge a friend.

I invite everyone to spend 10 minutes telling yourself your life story so far – celebrate your achievements and reinforce your learnings.

And I’d love to hear what comes up for you.

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