Neuroscience and resilience

Resilience is a concept more of us are becoming familiar with. Resilience is no longer about ‘bouncing back’ it’s about being a tree…

The tree gets bashed around by the wind, weathers storms, and grows and changes through different seasons. The tree doesn’t bounce back, rather the tree stays rooted throughout. The tree has foundations that keep it strong and resilient no matter what comes its way.

Being like trees is the new paradigm of resilience. In order to be like a tree we have to grow roots. We have to pay plenty of attention to our self-care, the way we positively talk to ourselves, the way we self-support. We have to grow inner belief and trust.

I recently watched this interview between Marie Forleo and Dr Rick Hanson. The interview looks at how neuroscience can help us to build inner strength, or effectively, resilience. In fact, he is on Marie Forleo’s show promoting his new book which is called… Resilient.

I predict in future many more of us will be discussing our resiliency building strategies. And by doing so we’ll be able to expertly navigate challenging waters, and come out stronger and with more wisdom in the end.

If you have time to watch this brilliant interview on neuroscience and resilience, have a look here.

With love, Hannah and The Bird Team

Photo by Fabrice Villard on Unsplash

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