Oh, the places we’ve been

One of my values is aliveness. I love experiencing new things, people and places. For me it’s what life is about and when lockdown began I became aware pretty quickly that I’d have to re-evaluate my approach to this value in order to keep honouring it.

So instead of going out to cafes, restaurants, bars, widening my community and going on trips, I began to think more creatively about what I was eating, I started curating a bit of art in my home and I tentatively began tinkering on a keyboard.

It helped. To assess what was no longer available, and think of new ways to fulfil the value of aliveness. But I couldn’t help missing the diversity and excitement that trying new things out in the world brings me. And so I started to do some reflecting, thinking about moments in my life when I’ve been in really interesting places, or times when I felt really connected to people, or the feelings of excitement I get when I notice a new friendship developing.

So one of my Covid-19 strategies now is to reflect. It’s to remember the beach I sat on in Tanzania where I was so relaxed I walked off without my flip-flops and never found them again. It’s to remember sitting on a boat heading towards a beautiful island in Thailand feeling free and curious. It’s thinking back to a games night my friend held only a few months ago where I met new people and connected more to familiar friends.

This time, for me, has been an opportunity to think, ‘wow, I’ve had a really good life so far, I’m so grateful’. Oftentimes we plough ahead and so quickly leave behind what’s been. The slower pace of life right now offers us the opportunity to reflect back, to notice all that has brought us to this very moment.

With love as always, Hannah and Team Bird

Image by Tony Gaskins (thank you Tony)

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