Practicing what I preach

Last week I didn’t send out a blog post. It got to Friday afternoon and after working my way through a number of different tasks I felt exhausted and without ideas for content to share with you. And so I took a step back and thought, if I was thinking resiliently, and with my wellbeing in mind what would I do? And I chose to practice what I preach and take a week off the blog in favour of tying up a few loose ends before starting the weekend.

I’d noticed last week that I had a bit of a poorly tummy and was feeling really tired all the time. They are signs of feeling stressed and low in resilience. In the past I’d have ploughed on through and ignored such feelings but these days I try and listen to what’s going on in my body.

Further to parking the blog last week I took a day off yesterday. I ran, did yoga, meditated, walked and had a couple of glasses of green wine in a new food hall that has opened in my neighbourhood. It was delightful, and I can tell today that I feel refreshed and energised for the next couple of days of work ahead.

Essentially, I have had to remind myself over the past week to practice what I preach. I must prioritise my wellbeing so I can continue to run Bird and we can continue to support those who support others. Self care isn’t just a nice to have, it’s something to keep paying attention to in order to feel well and to bring our best to those around us.

I’d love to encourage you to take a moment now to check in with yourself, is there anything you might need that would help you to feel more resilient?

With love, Hannah and Team Bird

PS. 50% of the places available on the Writing for Wellbeing webinar have now been taken. We would LOVE to fill this group and really encourage you to sign up if it resonates with you.

Photo by Andrea Leopardi on Unsplash

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