Prioritising self care

I felt pretty stressed out yesterday morning for various reasons. My brain was telling me to get up out of bed and get cracking with all the tasks that lay ahead of me. Get up, dive straight in and get grafting.

Now ordinarily I start my days with a 15 minute meditation and a 30 minute yoga session. On Wednesday when I woke up I felt so overwhelmed with what I had to do that I felt convinced I should just shower and go. But somewhere inside me a tiny voice was saying ‘do some yoga Hannah, you know it helps to slow you down, to connect you to the present moment, to remember what’s important about who you are and your impact on the world.’

And I was so glad I listened to that voice. Because I did 40 minutes of yoga, and my brain stilled itself. I felt re-energised, reminded of what the bigger purpose and picture was, and pulled away from the silly gremlin thoughts.

Oftentimes we feel we are too busy to practice strategies that we know help us. Sometimes I feel too engrossed in my head with challenges or concerns that I convince myself practicing gratitude or sitting in meditation for 15 minutes would be a waste of time. But every single time I remember, and practice self caring strategies, I feel so much better. I invariably end up realising the challenge I was ruminating on is either irrelevant or much smaller and more manageable than I was leading myself to believe.

Finding the time to connect back to self-caring practices is essential, we just need to get past those skeptical gremlins that say otherwise.

Sending love, Hannah

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Image by Marion Michele

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