My initial view of rain is that it’s pants. It makes the day dark, and you can’t get out and about without it catching you and making you feel cold. Everyone has a sour face in the rain, peoples’ brollies stick in your head and cars drive through puddles that splash dirty water all over you…

Sometimes though I think a bit differently about this frequent British delight.

When it’s rainy it means less distractions outside so I focus more on the tasks I have in hand. When it’s rainy it reminds me of cosy times of the year, autumn and winter which mean birthdays and Christmas and bottles glasses of red wine. It’s an excuse to curl up inside with loved ones. Rain also makes things grow, and I love things that grow.

And, if I stand out in the rain and let it pour down onto me it can be an awesome thing. Surrendering to it and letting it run down the end of my nose and soak me through to the bone can be a bit of a release in a strange way. There is very little else that gets me so connected to the elements.

I think rain always makes me feel something, positive or negative, and life is after all, all about feeling something.

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