Rejecting the status quo

I’ve been thinking about the ways we are judged in today’s society and have come to realise we are judged by things that trap us; money, status, whether we have power over other people, whether we are good at stuff, whether we have a big house, a fast car, or whether we live in a respectable neighbourhood. And it’s easy enough to say to ourselves ‘non of that matters’ but I feel like it’s society’s default state and it’s hard to escape those ideas when they’re all around you.

However, I have come across many an inspiring person of late and the one thing that binds them all together is that they reject the status quo. They are choosing to listen to how they really feel, in their gut, about the path they are leading. These are the people who transform the direction of their company, create a new business, write a new book, make decisions against all ‘sensible’ (aka safe, stagnant, restricting, ‘you can’t do that you might fail’) mind talk and just follow the fire in their belly. And these inspiring people, emanate their inspiration to the world, and are an absolute pleasure to be in the company of.

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