Relaxing the Nervous System

When we’re faced with uncertainty we naturally spring into high alert / fight or flight. I imagine for many of us right now we are in that space, looking out for the next change or impact of the current global situation.

You know you are in fight or flight when your chest is tight, your breathing is shallow, your face is scrunched or your brow is furrowed, or when you’re ruminating on something again and again.

Over time, operating from fight or flight begins to have a negative impact on our bodies and our behaviours, especially if it’s left unchecked and unchanged.

It can be helpful therefore, in the first instance, to spend some time checking in with yourself. Are you in fight or flight? Spend a moment now checking in, what do you notice?

If you are indeed feeling some tension, some anxiety, or some rumination on worries then I’d like to encourage you to try some breathing exercises. I learnt recently that the out breath is the part of breathing that relaxes our nervous system. So if you can elongate your out breath it will serve you well in moving away from anxiety.

I’d like to recommend two great guides for breathing exercises:

Breathing is a beautiful way to ground us, to slow us down, to calm us. I’d love you to give it a try.

With love as always, Hannah and Team Bird

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Photo by Teena Reshmanjali on Unsplash

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