Remembering the point

It’s very easy to forget ‘the point’ or ‘purpose’ when we’re super busy. We can come into a project with energy and vision, and over time lose sight of what that driving force was. Likewise it’s really common to be unsure of the point; to not really know how or why we arrived at this place we find ourselves in. Losing or never creating a deeper connection to why we’re working or living a certain way can lead to stress and burn out, or a general overall feeling of frustration and confusion.

I remember a long while ago I was working in a part-time job that didn’t quite fit in terms of skills. I felt frustrated that I wasn’t reaching my potential in the role, but simultaneously had plenty of time to reflect on what was important. This wasn’t the first time I felt this way in a job, I wasn’t new to feeling in struggle with life and career and what was next and what I ‘should’ be doing. I felt annoyed and restricted and like nothing was going my way. But, and I remember I was in some shabby old loos washing my hands in this moment, a light bulb came on in my head and I realised…

We are all just trying to be happy. I am just trying to be happy.

Underneath everything, we all just want to live a happy, joy-filled life. Beyond career trajectories, perfect relationships, beautiful possesions, far and wide travel adventures, building families, we are all just trying to get to that beautiful land of joy. That’s the point.

Sometimes we forget that though, or maybe we’ve never even realised it, but happiness is essentially what we’re all after. That beautiful commonality between us all.

The image with this post is a reminder that although I have great big ambitions for Bird and the movement we’re creating here, none of it can be at the expense of having fun, of being happy. Not least because we would be massive hypocrites if we advocated wellbeing and self-care and joyful living and working if we weren’t doing it ourselves.

But also because that’s what life is about right? It’s about enjoying this rollercoaster we’re on.

What things in life make you feel happy? Are the situations you live and work within helping you to feel joy, or are they taking you in a less than happy direction? Is it time to make some changes?

Sending love, Hannah

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