resilience coaching.

A safe space to make positive change

At Bird we know how tough – and how wonderful – our sector is. We give a lot, don’t we? But how good are we at looking after ourselves? Unless we do that, we can’t do our best work. One-to-one coaching from the Bird team gives you and your team members precious time to think and to change.
Our clients say it’s a huge relief to take time away from the pressures of their jobs. They tell us it’s wonderful to work with people who really understand what they’re going through. Best of all, Bird’s coaches help you to make positive changes, to feel better, find your balance, and do great work again.

Having become increasingly frustrated at work and my confidence at a level where I hardly recognised myself, my manager referred me to Bird. I have to admit I was quite sceptical to start with thinking it might be a bit too “airy-fairy” for me. I’ll happily admit I was wrong. My coach made me feel at ease right from the first session. She very quickly understood me and approached our sessions in a way I could relate to and engage with. Our sessions were open and have helped me to remember who I really am and the person I want to be. My coach has helped me to worry less and be myself with confidence.

Nadia, CISV International

Who is Bird’s coaching for?

Bird’s coaching is for everyone in the organisation: CEOs, managers, and team members

We love Bird coaching, because we’ve benefitted from personal coaching ourselves. We’ve worked under pressure in the not-for-profit sector, so we know how hard it is to see straight and make good decisions when the emotional and physical demands of the job are too much. And our own experience shows us that coaching transformed our wellbeing and guided us to doing our best work.

Our clients love Bird coaching, because it transforms their lives. Whether you’re a CEO needing to make stronger relationships with your board members, a Senior Leadership Team swamped with demands on your time, or a staff member working flat out and on the verge of burnout, Bird’s specialist coaching is for you and your organisation.

Don’t keep it to yourself: our coaching can be even more effective when we work one-to-one with multiple members of a team. Colleagues can discuss the learning between themselves, and together they can share it across the organisation. That’s powerful stuff.

Working with my coach at Bird has been life-changing. My coach helped me recognise the unhelpful thoughts and behaviours that were holding me back and stopping me from making decisions. Thanks to my coach at Bird, I have been able to set a clear vision for how I would like my work and life to be and to take positive steps to make it happen. Coaching has shown me that I am in control of what I think and do and has empowered me to be back in control of my life.

Senior manager at Central London Charity

What’s involved in Bird’s resilience coaching?

Honesty, time and a commitment to change

Our coaching is one-to-one, so you can speak honestly and openly about what’s tough, how you feel, and what you want to change.

Because there’s just you and your coach in each session, you focus together on your particular challenges – no distractions, no avoiding the issues. It’s deep work, and the most effective way to make change happen.

We offer three-month and six-month coaching programmes. Coaching isn’t a short-term fix – it takes reflection and action over time, and that’s why coaching is so transformative.

We work over the phone, starting with a 1.5 hour Discovery Session. In this first session we look at your values, your purpose, and who you are – think of it as your inner leader or your intuition.

After your Discovery Session, we work in 45-minute sessions every other week.

Your coach helps you to look at any self-sabotage that stops you from achieving your goals and that erode your wellbeing. We all self-sabotage at times, and coaching is one of the best ways to identify what’s happening and to change it.

Working with my coach at Bird has been a deeply spiritual and contemplative experience and unlike anything I have experienced before. Over the past months I have learnt to understand myself in a much more profound way and uncovered a deep reservoir of internal courage and knowledge. There were moments that gave me goose bumps when my coach could picture how I was standing, even what I was thinking before the words came out of my mouth. She provided a place of safety and rest and I have left her a stronger, wiser woman.

Lauren, CEO Kidscape

Your coach helps you to build your resilience and look ahead. You’ll learn processes you can use to support yourself through challenges and to see routes through them. We guide you through any tough emotions that are coming up as a result of the pressures of work, and we help you see new perspectives on areas where you feel stuck.

What are the benefits of Bird coaching?

Confidence, resilience and energy

By the end of your coaching process you’ll have a greater awareness of the triggers that cause you difficulties in your life, and a toolbox of strategies you can use to work through such difficulties.

You’ll feel self-reliant, confident and resilient. You’ll have more energy to continue doing the great work you are doing and can put clear boundaries in place between work and home to ensure you have plenty of time to rest and repair outside the workplace.

I started working with my coach at Bird at a time when I was feeling particularly overwhelmed and burnt out by the pressures and complexities of my charity chief executive role. Looking back, meeting my coach was like being thrown a lifejacket at a critical time. Working with her has enabled me to reconnect with, appreciate and take better care of myself so that I can stay afloat and thrive in my role and be present in my own life. I feel that my coach offers more than coaching. She is a gifted and intuitive lady who is able to get alongside her clients in a remarkable, significant and impactful way.

Becky, CEO Mental Health Charity

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