Safety net

For my whole life so far I have either been in education or employment with a few months off here and there to travel, but always with the certainty that I will be able to get some pennies back in the bank and carry on. There has been value in that, I have learnt so many skills and grown as a person.

However, it’s been an existence of safety and comfort. I am now choosing to step away from such an existence and I am setting my own working schedule, deciding how much or how little I wish to work on my business everyday, generating my own income, taking control of my direction. I don’t know how it will turn out, I have a gut feeling that everything will be ok because coaching is my purpose in life, but I have no crystal ball to tell me I will be fine in all of this. It is so exciting, but it is also very scary.

The main point I keep returning to in all this is that a life without fear is a life without living. With that in mind I am ‘throwing caution to the wind’ and embracing this new path with no safety net.

‘I do not want to be a passenger, I want to navigate the ocean.’ Hannah Massarella

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