Self-care success!

Thank you to all those who shared thoughts and feedback in response to last week’s blog. It’s lovely to both hear your support and to hear what you are doing to support yourselves as well.

So, an update, after sending the blog last week I very much stayed off the wagon for a few more days. However, from Monday this week, I have been prioritising my self-care and it has felt great. Yesterday was a highlight; morning smoothie, a swim in the sea, yoga, meditation, a 5-mile walk, a read of Breathe, a de-activation of my Instagram account, and no alcohol.

I sat in a cafe yesterday having walked half of my walk and felt clear headed and connected to myself. Since prioritising my self-care I’ve had several realisations:

1. Self-care is completely a priority not a luxury. I am not talking nonsense when I harp on about this all the time. It has GOT to come first, so that we can show up fully in the other areas of our lives.
2. I have gremlins that tell me I am lazy, I am irresponsible, I am a failure. These stories are not true, and when I hold onto them I only feel bad.
3. If things go wrong or I ‘mess up’ in an area of my life it doesn’t make me lazy, irresponsible or a failure. Things sometimes do just mess up and don’t go exactly as planned. Regardless of things ever messing up I am still enough, and to quote Brené Brown – still worthy of love and belonging.

Woah, deep stuff for three days of self-care.

I’d love to hear how you’re going with yours.

And this week I’m sharing two coaching opportunities. Firstly, the Self-Care for You programme through August. You get four 1:1 coaching sessions, one per week. The coaching programme will help you to look at what’s working in your life right now, and what you’d like to change. We’ll look at how you are prioritising your wellbeing and develop a plan you can commit to moving forwards. We’ll explore any self-sabotage that stops you looking after yourself or taking steps forwards. You will end the four weeks feeling more energised, optimistic and excited about all there is to come. The programme is £360 and calls take place over the phone or via audio Skype. Email to find out more.

Secondly, I’m looking ahead to September where I’ll have a few slots opening up for new longer term clients. Packages are 3 or 6 months and are ideal for anyone looking for in-depth, re-energising support whilst doing challenging work. The programme cost ranges from £630 to £1105 and calls take place over the phone or via audio Skype. Email to find out more.

Getting support for your wellbeing is much more accepted and understood these days, many of my current clients have had their coaching paid or part-paid for by their organisations. If you’re interested in having coaching I’d strongly encourage you to present that to your employer to see if they can support you financially.

Sending love as always, Hannah

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