Self-care workshops for people in the not for profit/public sector sectors and for groups of socially conscious entrepreneurs.

Happiness, fulfilment, contentment, creativity, feeling on purpose, operating with strong core personal values all lead to a strong, innovative workforce. Organisations that recognise the importance of self-care within their teams see less burn-out and sick leave, more productivity and more loyalty from employees. As workplaces, we have a responsibility to support our staff, for the benefit of our service users/clients, for the organisation and for the individual staff members.

Our self-care workshops are tailor made to suit the needs of the group. We send out pre-workshop questionnaires to ascertain what is needed in your organisation. The workshops are experiential, we don’t use classic ‘class room’ style approaches, but rather invite attendees to collaborate and discuss what comes up in less formal and more open ways.

With our in-house self-care workshops your teams can expect…

  • To feel empowered, and to feel able to take ownership of self-care by establishing what self-care looks like for them now, and what it would look like in an ideal world.
  • To feel able to identify barriers to increasing personal self-care, and to create strategies to overcome those barriers.
  • To create a self-care plan for the next six months and identify a colleague as an accountability partner to support implementation.

The workshop involves attendees completing a pre-training questionnaire, so we can tailor the approach to what’s needed in your organisation.

Could your organisation benefit from a self-care workshop?

If you feel that your organisation could benefit from a self-care workshop please get in touch with us today and we can discuss your requirements and the future benefits to your team in further detail.


Session length: From 1.5 hours to full day programmes

Location: We deliver the workshop on site

All workshops will be experiential: We don’t do ‘sit in a class room and take notes’ kind of work, we will get your staff to be ‘all in’ and ready to make change.

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