Slow and steady wins the race

Bird is becoming more widely well known. It’s exciting. People understand what we’re doing here. People get the need for self-care and self-development when trying to make a positive impact.

I’m having conversations with people all over the world about self-care as a responsibility, not a luxury. Bird’s message is gaining momentum.

My approach to my work has been slow and steady. I’ve let ideas formulate in my mind, through conversations, with collaborators. I’ve let clients guide me in what they want, I’ve seen when ideas resonate with people and developed our messages and the way we support accordingly.

And I’ve engaged in self-care through the process, I don’t rush around, I take time to do yoga, to meditate, to run, and to step away from my desk regularly.

And yet, despite all of this, my gremlin still whispers in my ear ‘you should be doing more Hannah… what – you didn’t do 7.5 hours of work today? Well, now, everything is totally going to crumble down, because the bottom line is you’re lazy.’ My gremlin is a real treat.

Everything in my life says the opposite of ‘working my arse off’, Bird’s whole message says self-care leads to productivity, and I can see it in action. And yet, that gremlin, that idea I’ve had my whole life that ‘life should be hard’, persists.

What I can see here is a battle between my intuition and my head. My intuition says slow and steady wins the race. My head says ‘ra ra ra oh my god, what are you doing, arghhhh!’

Controversially there is a tiny bit of truth in my gremlin, I do have a lazy side, and sometimes (only sometimes) it is useful. I do embrace my laziness when I need to. What I don’t embrace is the internal messages I send myself that I am ridiculously lazy, everyday.

By looking my gremlin in the eye and recognising that there is a tiny bit of truth there, its impact on me dissipates. And once it dissipates it gives me the space to step into my slowness, my steadiness, my well thought through ideas, my self care routine.

When I step into my slowness, my self care, when I allow my ideas to percolate, and conversations to take place naturally, life becomes easy, and things have a way of falling into place.

This is a self care revolution, I’m so glad you’re part of it.

Help us to share these ideas, find one person you trust and have a conversation about your gremlins. Bring this article to them, ask them what they think, share your ideas.

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